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ICMind is the World’s First Education Institute to offer ultimate customized variety of courses and programs. Due to high amount of international complexity and ever-changing business environment and industry specific requirement ICMind Professionals have designed highly customized variety of courses, Programs and specialization structure. This has its own advantages but increase complexity in selecting the right course, program & Specialization Thus… 

“How to Select the Right Course & Right Specialization(s)?”

-Please refer to admission section -ICMind Education Admission Division

+        Fast Track - Multi Duration Courses

+        Diploma To Doctorate Level Courses

+        Multiple Options In Standard Courses

+        100% (Fully) Customized Level Options With Almost All Courses

+        Customized Corporate & Group Skill Development Unique – Courses

+        Courses Design / Subjects Covered & Syllabus Inspired From World’s Top Institutions

+        Courses of – Various Institutions, Universities, Institutes, Government Approved Organizations

+        Multiple, Unique – Almost Unlimited Specializations

+        Fundamental Single Subjects Specializations

+        Advanced Multi Subjects Truly Specialized Specializations- True specialized studies – number of subjects studied under specific specialization

+        Additional Specializations – Almost Unlimited

+        Project / Thesis

+        Placement & Job Oriented Courses

Fast Track: Multi Duration Courses

Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Multi Duration Courses

At ICMind Education we provide all range of courses in fast track mode as well as in normal regular mode. The option remains with the student to exercise/opt for either option at any point of time during the course pursuance after completion of minimum course duration. Courses are ranging from 1 month to 3 years duration.

Diploma to Doctorate Level Courses

Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Diploma to Doctorate Level Courses

ICMind offers wide range of Management, Technical and almost all other categories of programs. All programs are generally classified in to further classifications. You may refer to course section for further details

Doctorate              Post Graduation             Graduation           Under-Graduation

But at ICMind almost all the above levels courses are available with permutation & combination of three major categories viz.

Advanced              Professional                     Executive              International

Please refer to the courses section for details of following courses with further customized levels in almost each such program.

Advanced / International / Professional Executive / (1-2-3-4 Semester)

  • Customized Programs for TOP Level Management/Executives
  • Doctorate / Laureate
  • Master’s Program/ PG Program

  • Professional In

  • Chartered Finance Manager

  • Chartered Certified Accountant

  •  BBM / BBA

  •  Graduation Diploma

  •  Diploma

  •  Certification

Please refer to admission section for understanding – “How to Select the Right Course & Right Specialization(s)?”

Fully Customized Level Options with Almost All Courses: Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Fully Customized Level Courses

Each Individual and each organization having its own SWOT aspects & thus have unique requirements. Courses with Static subjects and structure shall never meet the requirement of all or even one at a time, thus experts at ICMind Education have realized to design & have designed Ultra-Customized education for each individual & organizations providing numerous electives to construct a course. We design customized programs that enable organizations to re-examine old processes and challenges with new eyes. We focus on you - and what you need to obtain results with new eyes.

Courses Design / Subjects Covered & Syllabus Inspired from World’s Top Institutions: Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Course Inspiration-Worlds Top Institutions

ICMind being in process of achieving industry leadership has designed its own standards as well as adopted certain standards, policies, procedure, course design, syllabus etc from various inspirational education organizations. Students may avail the advantage of this internationally designed recognized course at nominal affordable fees structure.

Courses of – Various Institutions, Universities, Institutes, Government Approved Organizations

Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Course Universities & Other Institutions

Through its various association and associates ICMind offers courses of various organizations including DEC/UGC/DEC approved universities. Stock Exchanges, Patent and Copy Right studies etc…

Multiple, Unique – Almost Unlimited Specializations

Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Multiple Unique Specializations

At ICMind Education, we offer almost unlimited specializations; hence we have a course for almost everyone. You can select almost any specialization. In general fees will remain same for almost all specializations excluding few peculiar / specific specializations. Subject to approval from education advisory committee of experienced professors, we do offer further unique specialized courses (in addition to the list of specializations provided in prospectus)

-ICMind Education-Academic Division

Additional Specializations – Almost Unlimited

Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Additional Specializations

In-built specialization(s) and additional specialization(s) options:

You shall apply for minimum 0-1-2 specializations depend upon the course applied for. (Included in course subject as SPZ-01 / SPZ-01 & SPZ-02); you may also apply for maximum unlimited* additional specializations by forwarding request and application for the same along with applicable additional fees for the same. You may select all specialization for one group or from different groups depending on the course selected. Please refer to course section for List of Specializations.  

Please refer to admission section for understanding – “How to Select the Right Course & Right Specialization(s)?”

-ICMind Education-Specialization Research Division

Corporate / Group Customized Unique – Courses: Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Corporate Group Customized Courses

We do offer customized courses based on requirement of corporate, companies, professional, social groups and also to individuals with interest to learn something different & innovative attitude towards learning new horizons. Pre-requisite for acceptance to such request is approval from our advisory committee, your adequate interest, adequate experience in relative subject.


Whilst tailoring our programs, in order to meet the precise needs of every organization, we keep in mind your procedures, policies and work culture, ensuring that the training is relevant and compliant. These programs can be delivered in-house or out house depending upon your organization’s requirements.

ICMind Education Management Development Program and consulting programs bring its business management acumen through an experienced faculty that works with you to understand your organizational needs and to help realize your goals through synergistic partnership.

An Interactive Process: Customized programs at the ICMind Education begin in the same manner that they are designed and delivered: with dialog. We pride ourselves on treating you as real people rather than requests, so we invite you to email us, or call to discuss your company's goals and objectives. After determining whether your needs match our capabilities, we will prepare a program proposal for your company to review.

ICMind Education requires a minimum of 20 participants for a customized program. All participants who successfully complete each program will receive a certificate of completion from the ICMind. For a more complete understanding of customized education at the ICMind, please contact us.

Fundamental Single Subjects Specializations: Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Single Subjects Specialization

Almost all courses are available with minimum one specialization. Specific subject specializations are provided with single subject to be studied instead of investing in study of not relevant, not required subjects.

Advanced Multi Subjects Truly Specialized Specializations: Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Advanced Multi Subjects Specialization

Almost all courses are available with minimum one to two specialization(s). Study of single specific subject as a specialization may not provide adequate information / knowledge / skills development techniques / exposure to all tools / variety of case studies & may deemed to be just a subject of basic and fundamental knowledge thus at ICMind Advance Series of Courses are designed to offer each Specializations with minimum 02-03 subjects and Maximum 06-07 subjects related to / relevant to / belonging to each one specialization instead of study of just a single subject as a specialization.

Project / Thesis: Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Project & Thesis

Almost all courses are designed with one or more project research study repot / synopsis and/or thesis. The project study results in practical implication of knowledge earned, skills learned & The additional certification – Project / Thesis appreciation adds value & increase acceptability of the course in the relevant industry.

-ICMind Education-Project & Thesis Division

Placement & Job Oriented Courses: Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Placement & Job Oriented Courses:

At ICMind Education, we emphasize on practical applicability of the acquired knowledge. Thus we offer almost all courses with case study approach. The courses offered are based on requirement of industries. Also our experienced counselors can assist you in deciding the correct course and specialized for your bright professional career. Please refer the courses page for further details.

-ICMind Education-Placeemnt Division




Courses Programs






MBA: 4 Semester's Dual Specializations

EMBA: 2 Semesters

PGDBM: 2 Semesters

Post Graduate Diploma in Specialization:

  • PGD In Human Resources Management
  • PGD In Marketing Management
  • PGD In Financial Management


MBA: 1 Semester

Master's In Specialization

Master's In Human Resources Management
Master's In Marketing Management
Master's In Financial Management
Master's In International Business








  • Master's In Computer Application
  • Master's In Chemical Engineering
  • Master's In Civil Engineering
  • Master's In Electrical Engineering
  • Master's In Electronics Engineering
  • Master's In Mechanical Engineering

List of Specializations

Advertising Management
Communication Management
Information Management
Mass Communication
Media Management
Portfolio Management
Public Relationship Management
Telecom Management
Architecture Management
Construction Management
Interior Management
Banking Management
Foreign Exchange Management
Asset Management
Mutual Fund Management
Finance Management
Investment Analysis Management
Risk & Insurance Management
Taxation Management
International Finance Management
Takeover & Acquisition Management
Corporate and Finance Management
Equity Research Management
Audit Management
Cost and Management Accounting
BPO / Call Center
BPO Management
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Care Management
Call Center Management
Marketing Management
International Marketing
Marketing Research
Strategic Marketing
Sales Management
Export Management
International Trade
Foreign Trade
Industrial Marketing
Retail Management
Business Marketing
Pharmaceuticals / Biotech / Health Care
Pharmacology Management
Bio-Technology Management
Hospital Administration
Health Care Management
Pathology Lab Management
Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical Research
Hospital Management
General Management
Business Administration
Hotel/Tours & Travels
Hotel Management
Hospitality Management
Travel & Tourism Management
Transport Management
Purchase / Logistics
Materials Management
Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management
Software / Hardware
Software Project Management
SAP Consultancy Management
Software Management
Information Technology
E-Business System
Cyber Law Management
Hardware Management
E-commerce Management
Networking Management

Fashion Management
Textile Management
Human Resource Management
Personnel Management
Public Administration
Corporate Law
Corporate Training
Labour Law
Rural Management
Environment Management
Family Business Management
School Management
Shipping Management
Safety Management
Event Management
Packaging Management
Entrepreneur Management
Agriculture Management
Strategic Management
Energy Management
Risk Management
Intellectual Property Rights
Petroleum Management
Library Management

Industries / Production
Operations Management
Industrial Management
Production Management
Project Management
Total Quality Management
Plant Operations

The available list of specializations is not limited to the above specified list. At ICMind we have design over 977 detailed subject papers for specializations as per the profile & requirement of students. The exclusive list has not been published as a confidential matter & to avoid confusion while selecting right specialization. Our counselors may provide relevant details based on your profile.