Welcome Kit

SSD-Fastest Delivery of Welcome Kit:

Once Enrollment done with ICMind, We ensure that the students enrolled is well equipped with detail information to carry out entire program smoothly. Student shall receive
  • Fees Receipt Confirmations Email-From accounts department
  • Documents received Confirmation from Admission Department
  • Fees Clearance received from accounts department within one day of transaction reflected in ICMind Bank accounts.
  • Registration Reference Number, Welcome Email / SMS within 1~2 days from the date of receipt of clearance reflected in accounts.
  • ID card within 15-30 working days from the date of issue of welcome email.
  • Admission Confirmation letter within 15-30 working days from the date of issue of welcome email.
  • Study Material (semester-wise) within 15-30 working days from the date of receipt of complete fees clearance & receipt of your entire set of documents.
  • Web-support services shall be activated after minimum 01 to 03 months from the date of issue of study material.


  • Quality Content Syllabus & Study Materials
  • Hard Copy And /Or Soft Copy* / Online* Study Materials/Library
  • E-Library
Quality Content Syllabus & Study Materials:
The Study Material is one of the major areas of Total Quality Management; the department of research considers all necessary efforts to prepare / select and issue study material in traditional and/or other innovative modes of knowledge transformation with qualities like…
  • World Class Study
  • Practical / Applied Knowledge Based
  • Case Study focused
  • Comprehensive content
  • Self Explanatory
  • Regularly Updated
At most care has been taken to see to it that our students (working class professionals & fresher) do not find any difficulties in understanding study material without affecting the quality of knowledge. The study material is self explanatory & very easy to understand with the help of case study & examples approach of the study material.
This Quality measures assures that our students are well equipped with latest management techniques & gets upgraded knowledge.
Hard Copy and/or Soft Copy* / Online* Study Materials / Library
In general study material is issued in Hard copy (Original Books) of renowned Publishers and Authors having authority of knowledge on respective subject title.  Apart from / Instead of printed material soft copy Email/CD/VCD/DVD format, Presentations, Online viewable / Readable resources are made available to the student from time to time to be determined by ICMind and depending on the course requirement.
Study materials may be issued within 30days from the date of 100% fees clearance. Study materials will be sent via courier or speed post.
Library / E-Library:
The Institute offers almost unlimited study materials, reference materials for in depth exposure to updates in the subject of interest. This facility may be provided free of cost borrowing for locally situated students with subject to security deposits & terms of library services. Students may also buy resources at ultra-reasonable cost. Students may also download of refer online study materials.