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At ICMind - Examinations are conducted with great amount of flexibility – in terms of options in modes of exams, duration, date, time & place of examinations, practical & theoretical approach of exam. For details you may refer to following links.

Schedule of Examination:

Four times in a year: Jan, April, July, Oct with exam starting date as 1st, 11th, 21st of each exam months

Modes of examination options:

  • E-Postal Examination, From Home/office, World-wide examination-open book-case study based-Practical Applied knowledge Based-Assignment Examinations-Min 10 days examination
  • Traditional- Theoretical-From Exam Centre, Three Hrs Examination*
  • E-Scan Examination, Email Scan Examination*
  • Online Examinations-Negative Marking Applicable, Multiple Choice Examination*
  • Audio Video Presentation Examination*


How to apply Exam:

  • Email exam demand to exam department in prescribed format from registered email id.
  • Written Application to nearest Centre
  • Online application – fill-up Exam Application form


When to Apply for Exam:

Student may apply for exam prior to two month before the 1st day of exam month.


How to attend the Exams:

Examination needs to be attended in specified time duration; guidelines are specified in detail with examination question papers; incase of any query related to examination you may communicate through email to the exam department.

Downloads: Exam

Sample question papers

Exam Application Form

Re-Exam Application Form

Exam Cancelation form

Terms & conditions applicable:

The acceptance and rejection of exam application is subject to course duration, accounts department clearance certificate & other terms and conditions.

Examination FAQ’s

Almost all frequently asked questions and answers are provided with required details.


  • Grading System
  • Performa Result
  • Certificates,  Consolidated Mark-sheet & Project Appreciation

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