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Exam Terms

Applying Examination:
Once student have completed studies and prepared for examination; they may apply for examination with specified schedule preference, in specified format.
  • Student must specify the mode of examination viz. Postal or Classroom at the time of enrollment at ICMind. The default mode of examination is Email-Postal. The student should indicate the preference for q XC-01-Centre Based / Traditional / Theoretical Examinations option at the time of admission in application form.
  • In case of Classroom examination, date time and place of examination shall be determined by ICMind. The students will not be allowed to refer any material at the time of examinations.
  • Case study based question paper is applicable for home or email option.
  • Acceptance: Upon receipt of exam application form duly filled and signed; the form will be considered for process of approval from accounts and other respective departments. On receipt of confirmation from all respective departments, examination schedule confirmation shall be mailed to the student.
  • Rejection of Exam application: Exam Application form will not be accepted or shall not be processed or no reply may be given to applicant at any circumstances In case of:
  • Exam application form is not filled properly or incomplete.
  • Delay in submission of exam application i.e. submitted after last date of application for the session (Refer the examination schedule table).
  • Exam Application not directly submitted from registered email id to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • NOC – Clearance is not received from accounts department for 100% fees amount, at the time of receipt of application.
  • Minimum duration has not elapsed at the time of application.
  • Maximum duration has elapsed at the time of application & applicable fees & charges has been paid for course extension.
  • Cancellation: Once the approval is granted the examinations shall not be cancelled. Exam cancellation before approval shall be charged Rs.250/- per subjects. And post approval the cancellation charges shall increase to Rs.500/- per subjects, post issue of examination question papers (on the 1st day of examination) the charges shall increase to Rs.750/- per subject. Non submission of answer papers shall be deemed to cancelation of examination & shall attract penalty of Rs.1000/- per subject. The charges for students other then Indian student Residing and working in India shall be charged in US$ and increased as per the schedule of charges (Please ask for list of charges & penalty).
  • E-Hall Ticket: shall be issued to students applying for Centre based examination. In case of postal examination email hall ticket may be issued to registered email id.
  • Receipt of Question papers & Instructions on Examination Day: student shall receive examination papers via email between 00:01 Am to 10:00 Am.  On receiving question papers you shall have to intimate confirmation reply email to exam department. In case of non receipt of email exam papers by 10:30 Am students shall contact exam department. In case of postal examinations 1st date of examination shall be considered for exam day’s calculation irrespective of actual date of receipt of courier. In such case courier may be issued 01-02 days in advance.
  • Attending the Question Paper:  Upon receipt of exam papers student must read & understand instructions - terms of examination, how to attend questions and guidelines for presentation.   Read understand analyze case / questions and provide answers with logical reasoning and supporting case or examples (if any) in support f the answers. Answers must by written in own hand writing.
  • Submission of answer papers: The answer sheets and question papers must be submitted to exam department via speed post / courier within stipulated time (counted as 02 days for each subjects); making late submission shall be liable for penalty of Rs.200/- per day delay charge for a maximum period of 10 days. The examination shall stand cancelled if the answers are not received by exam dept by end of 10th extra day’s time. Subsequently, shall have to apply for re-examination.
  • Re-examination for cancelled / deemed cancelled- delayed submitted answer papers: Student must apply for re-examination for continuing the course by paying applicable exam cancellation/delay submission charges (Rs.250-Rs.1000 per subject paper) plus additional re-examination charges of Rs.500/- per paper. These charges are not to make profit out of re-examination but to make the students perform the exams seriously & scenically.
Projects & Thesis Options
The Project must be prepared on the any aspects of subject of specialization(s). Student have to specify The “Project Title” / “Thesis Title” at the time of application of exam request for the semester with specialization subject(s). Project must be prepared in soft and hard printed copy format.
After receiving your answer papers, your results shall be declared in 45 working days subject to result months falling within 45 working days. You will be informed about each semester results by e-mail. You may request for the printed form of Performa Mark-Sheet. You shall receive your certificates after declaration of all the semester results i.e. the printed certificate & mark-sheets will be issued only after completion of the entire course & not at each semester.
Results are declared within 30-45 working days from the date of receipt of the hand written answer papers along with copy of the question papers. The results are declared in the form of email. The Mark-sheets & certificates are issued only after completion of the entire course. For cross verification of the certificate one can mail the request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it along-with details of reference number & name of the student.  Online verification system shall be available in near term.
As part of our student support services, ICMind Education provides an education verification service which assures our students that their Certificates will receive international recognition.

Courses Programs






MBA: 4 Semester's Dual Specializations

EMBA: 2 Semesters

PGDBM: 2 Semesters

Post Graduate Diploma in Specialization:

  • PGD In Human Resources Management
  • PGD In Marketing Management
  • PGD In Financial Management


MBA: 1 Semester

Master's In Specialization

Master's In Human Resources Management
Master's In Marketing Management
Master's In Financial Management
Master's In International Business








  • Master's In Computer Application
  • Master's In Chemical Engineering
  • Master's In Civil Engineering
  • Master's In Electrical Engineering
  • Master's In Electronics Engineering
  • Master's In Mechanical Engineering

List of Specializations

Advertising Management
Communication Management
Information Management
Mass Communication
Media Management
Portfolio Management
Public Relationship Management
Telecom Management
Architecture Management
Construction Management
Interior Management
Banking Management
Foreign Exchange Management
Asset Management
Mutual Fund Management
Finance Management
Investment Analysis Management
Risk & Insurance Management
Taxation Management
International Finance Management
Takeover & Acquisition Management
Corporate and Finance Management
Equity Research Management
Audit Management
Cost and Management Accounting
BPO / Call Center
BPO Management
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Care Management
Call Center Management
Marketing Management
International Marketing
Marketing Research
Strategic Marketing
Sales Management
Export Management
International Trade
Foreign Trade
Industrial Marketing
Retail Management
Business Marketing
Pharmaceuticals / Biotech / Health Care
Pharmacology Management
Bio-Technology Management
Hospital Administration
Health Care Management
Pathology Lab Management
Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical Research
Hospital Management
General Management
Business Administration
Hotel/Tours & Travels
Hotel Management
Hospitality Management
Travel & Tourism Management
Transport Management
Purchase / Logistics
Materials Management
Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management
Software / Hardware
Software Project Management
SAP Consultancy Management
Software Management
Information Technology
E-Business System
Cyber Law Management
Hardware Management
E-commerce Management
Networking Management

Fashion Management
Textile Management
Human Resource Management
Personnel Management
Public Administration
Corporate Law
Corporate Training
Labour Law
Rural Management
Environment Management
Family Business Management
School Management
Shipping Management
Safety Management
Event Management
Packaging Management
Entrepreneur Management
Agriculture Management
Strategic Management
Energy Management
Risk Management
Intellectual Property Rights
Petroleum Management
Library Management

Industries / Production
Operations Management
Industrial Management
Production Management
Project Management
Total Quality Management
Plant Operations

The available list of specializations is not limited to the above specified list. At ICMind we have design over 977 detailed subject papers for specializations as per the profile & requirement of students. The exclusive list has not been published as a confidential matter & to avoid confusion while selecting right specialization. Our counselors may provide relevant details based on your profile.