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Q.1} When can I appear for exam?
Q.2} What are the sessions of exams?
Ans. Flexible examinations are conducted twelve times in a year
Exam Months
Exam Starting Dates
Exam Application Start Date
Exam Application Last Date
1st / 11th / 21st
1st October
31st October
1st / 11th / 21st
1st January
31st January
1st / 11th / 21st
1st April
30th April
1st / 11th / 21st
1st October
31st July
Q.3} From where I can get exam demand form?
Ans. You can send a request for Exam Demand form on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   OR Download it from the website.
Q.4} Can I get some sample case studies for reference?
Ans. Yes, You can download the sample case study from our website.
Q.5} Can I attend for examination if fees are not clear?
Ans. Student is eligible for exam only after clearance of full fees of his particular course along with the Cheque bounce charges / delay charges / penalties (if any).
Q.6}All fields are mandatory while filling Exam Application Form?
Ans. All fields are compulsory. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. In case of any queries related to the questions in Exam Application Form, you can take assistance from Exam Department or you can mail at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Q.7} How do I send exam demand form or how can I apply for exam?
Ans. You have following options for applying for exams
  • Email exam demand to exam department at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in prescribed format from registered email id.
  • Submit Written Application to nearest Centre
  • Online application – Login-fill-up & Submit Exam Application form
Q.8} How can I know that my exam is confirmed?
Ans. After verifying all details filled up in form, you will get confirmation mail stating whether your exam is confirmed or rejected for the particular session.
Q.9} How will i receive my question papers?
Ans. You will receive your question papers by courier or mail whichever is selected by student on admission form.
Q.10} How many days I will get to answer my question papers?
Ans. The exam duration depends on mode of examination selected at the time of admission.
Exam Duration
q02 Days Per Subject (Subject to Minimum 10 Days Per Sem)
q Free 01 Grace Day per subject (included in 10 days)
q XC-01
180 Minutes
q XE-01
02 Days Per Subject (Subject to Minimum 10 Days Per Sem)
120 Minutes
Variable Process / Non-Compensatory to other options
Mode of Exam
05 Days
30 Days
Q.11} What answer sheets I should use for writing my question papers?
Ans. You can use A4 size answer papers.
Q.12} What is the pattern of question papers?
Ans. If student has applied for Study Centre then student has to come to our Centre for examination, the question papers for Study Centre will be based on Subjective questions and incase of a student has applied for Home / Email options, papers will be based on case studies.
Q.13} Can I type & mail my answers?
Ans. Student has to submit only handwritten answer sheets.
Q.14} How can I submit my answer sheets?
Ans. On or before completion of exam duration (e.g.10th days). Student can courier the answer sheets along with the question papers to Exam Department Mumbai or personally submit the same in Mumbai office only. After dispatching courier answer sheets student will have to mail courier details on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on the same day.
Q.15} What charges I have to pay if I fail to submit my papers on time?
Q.16} What if I am unable to submit the answer papers in specified exam days + extra 10 days including grace days extension?
Ans. For late submission you will be liable to submit Rs.200/- per day delay charge for a maximum period of ten days. After which the examination shall stand canceled. The student shall be charged penalty for the same. Also student need to reappear the examination by paying additional fees for re-examination. Thus you will be liable to pay late submission charges or cancelation charges plus Re-exam charges Rs.500/- per paper.
Q.17} Why are you charging late fees?
Ans. To avoid late submission of answer sheets. If you submit your answer sheets on time i.e. during your schedule then you won’t be charged with any fees. The penalties are charges to generate seriousness for examination not to make profit out of it.
Q.18} What if I fail in any subject?
Ans. The Student may apply for re-examination in Student has to pay Rs.500/- per paper for re-appearing for particular subjects.
Q.19} If the course duration is completed, can I extend that course duration?
Ans. At ICMind, the course duration has four levels:
Minimum Duration, Maximum Duration, Extended Duration & Expiry Duration
Extended Duration
Student shall be eligible for examination till the expiry of maximum duration of the course. In case of maximum duration has lapsed, student may be allowed to appear the examination by paying additional fees of 10% of original gross fees plus exam fees of Rs.500*/- Per exam paper. The course extension fees shall be valid till extended duration applicable for the course. The extension charges are not applicable in case of student has already completed all examination but not cleared (KT) examinations for 25% of number of total subjects covered in the course.
After Extended Duration
In case of extended duration has elapsed, student may be allowed to appear the examination by paying exam fees of Rs.500*/- Per exam paper plus additional duration extension fees (15% of original gross fees) valid for 06 months, (20% of original gross fees) valid for 09 months, (25% of original gross fees) valid for 12-months, and incremented by additional 05% (of original fees amount) for each three months up to expiry duration of the course.
Q.20} When I will get my result?
Ans. You will receive your results in 45 working days after submission of your answer sheets.
Q.21} Can I cancel my exam after submitting the Exam Demand form?
Ans. Once the approval is granted the examinations shall not be canceled. Exam cancelation before approval shall be charged Rs.250/- per subjects. And post approval the cancelation charges shall increase to Rs.500/- per subjects, post issue of examination question papers (on the 1st day of examination) the charges shall increase to Rs.750/- per subject. Non submission of answer papers shall be deemed to cancelation of examination & shall attract penalty of Rs.1000/- per subject. The charges for students other then Indian student Residing and working in India shall be charged in US$ and increased as per the schedule of charges (Please ask for list of charges & penalty).
Q.22} What documents should I send to Mumbai office along with the answer sheets?
Ans. You will have to send the following details along with your handwritten answer sheets. Also the documents should be arranged as per the guidelines.
  • Question Papers
  • Student Details For Individual Subjects Exam Papers
  • Check List For Students Before Dispatching Courier / Speed Post
  • Result Evaluation Details Form
Q.23} Can I personally come and collect Question paper from your branch office?
Ans. Yes, you can personally collect the question paper but from Exam Dept-Mumbai office only.
Q.24} Can I submit the soft copy of Project Report?
Ans. You will have to submit the Hard copy as well as soft copy of the Project report.

Courses Programs






MBA: 4 Semester's Dual Specializations

EMBA: 2 Semesters

PGDBM: 2 Semesters

Post Graduate Diploma in Specialization:

  • PGD In Human Resources Management
  • PGD In Marketing Management
  • PGD In Financial Management


MBA: 1 Semester

Master's In Specialization

Master's In Human Resources Management
Master's In Marketing Management
Master's In Financial Management
Master's In International Business








  • Master's In Computer Application
  • Master's In Chemical Engineering
  • Master's In Civil Engineering
  • Master's In Electrical Engineering
  • Master's In Electronics Engineering
  • Master's In Mechanical Engineering

List of Specializations

Advertising Management
Communication Management
Information Management
Mass Communication
Media Management
Portfolio Management
Public Relationship Management
Telecom Management
Architecture Management
Construction Management
Interior Management
Banking Management
Foreign Exchange Management
Asset Management
Mutual Fund Management
Finance Management
Investment Analysis Management
Risk & Insurance Management
Taxation Management
International Finance Management
Takeover & Acquisition Management
Corporate and Finance Management
Equity Research Management
Audit Management
Cost and Management Accounting
BPO / Call Center
BPO Management
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Care Management
Call Center Management
Marketing Management
International Marketing
Marketing Research
Strategic Marketing
Sales Management
Export Management
International Trade
Foreign Trade
Industrial Marketing
Retail Management
Business Marketing
Pharmaceuticals / Biotech / Health Care
Pharmacology Management
Bio-Technology Management
Hospital Administration
Health Care Management
Pathology Lab Management
Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical Research
Hospital Management
General Management
Business Administration
Hotel/Tours & Travels
Hotel Management
Hospitality Management
Travel & Tourism Management
Transport Management
Purchase / Logistics
Materials Management
Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management
Software / Hardware
Software Project Management
SAP Consultancy Management
Software Management
Information Technology
E-Business System
Cyber Law Management
Hardware Management
E-commerce Management
Networking Management

Fashion Management
Textile Management
Human Resource Management
Personnel Management
Public Administration
Corporate Law
Corporate Training
Labour Law
Rural Management
Environment Management
Family Business Management
School Management
Shipping Management
Safety Management
Event Management
Packaging Management
Entrepreneur Management
Agriculture Management
Strategic Management
Energy Management
Risk Management
Intellectual Property Rights
Petroleum Management
Library Management

Industries / Production
Operations Management
Industrial Management
Production Management
Project Management
Total Quality Management
Plant Operations

The available list of specializations is not limited to the above specified list. At ICMind we have design over 977 detailed subject papers for specializations as per the profile & requirement of students. The exclusive list has not been published as a confidential matter & to avoid confusion while selecting right specialization. Our counselors may provide relevant details based on your profile.